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Oraclum is a data science company famous for accurately predicting Brexit and Trump in 2016, and Biden in 2020, along with a number of other trends (consumer sentiment and demand, economic consequences of COVID, vaccine roll-out, etc.).

We are now venturing into the world of finance and delivering weekly predictions of some of the key stock and bond market indicators: S&P500, Dow Jones, 10-year T-bill yield, and the VIX is where we start. The first year and a half gave some excellent results (see them here), encouraging us to take the whole thing one step further and build a hedge fund! Read more about it here.

We are still running our weekly market prediction competition, offering prizes to our survey participants, and giving them an option to benefit directly from the fund’s performance.

Want to participate? Join our newsletter, make sure to participate regularly in our survey competition for a chance to win $5000 each quarter + 3% of fund profits get allocated to survey users each year.

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Predicting stock markets, using the same method that correctly predicted Brexit & Trump in 2016, and Biden in 2020, among many other things...


Vuk Vukovic
Vuk (eng. Wolf). Oxford PhD, runs a hedge fund @OraclumCapital , writes about markets & investing, and occasionally political econ. Loves his wife & 3 kids & loves to cook.