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Because you get to read research insights from a hedge fund based on which we make actual investment decisions. Not paper trading, not suggestions. Real trades, real money made for our investors.

Most hedge funds make complex trades, very often with opaque instruments typically unavailable to regular people, and hidden behind a veil of deliberately convoluted terminology. People neither understand that, and almost certainly cannot replicate it.

My idea is to change this, and make these seemingly complex trades and positions easily understandable, without dumbing them down. Investing is complex, it requires a lot of critical thinking and tinkering, but that doesn’t mean it should be limited to the ivory towers of finance.

That’s why we offer paid subscriptions. Hedge-fund-level research insights targeted towards people who want to better understand investing and where markets are heading.

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Each week you will get an email featuring either a long macro analysis (e.g. Bull market or bull trap?, and Looking ahead: the macro big picture), or an analysis discussing tactical positioning (like this one) within the overall macro narrative (discussing things like the impact of upcoming earnings, pre and post FOMC positioning, tactical execution, momentum, volatility, etc.).

This content is priced at $97 per month.

Investors into the ORCA BASON fund (minimum ticket size $100,000) enjoy the status of founding members and get the content for free.

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In addition to this, we are running our weekly market prediction competition - which is the basis on which we started the hedge fund in the first place - offering an annual $20,000 prize to our survey participants, and giving them an option to benefit directly from the fund’s performance. We send out these emails every Tuesday to remind our regular competition participants, and through it comment on how we performed in the previous week. This content is, and will remain, free.

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Vuk (eng. Wolf). Oxford PhD, runs a hedge fund @OraclumCapital , writes about markets & investing, and occasionally political econ. Loves his wife & 3 kids & loves to cook.